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I got your grassroots right here! July 19, 2011

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I’m so pleased to see that there are so many grassroots efforts coming from the world of Trek fandom this year. Not only are there fan panels at this year’s Official Star Trek Las Vegas Con, but there are parties and themed nights galore. Fans have also taken to pimping themselves out to major businesses to get beamed down to Sin City for the con. Namely, David Taylor, who has been relentlessly plugging his “Jim Beam Me Up” campaign to Jim Beam. I’m incredibly impressed with the commitment David has put towards his cause on Twitter and other social media outlets. His self-branding is not only creative, but completely on par with what a real ad campaign for the liquor brand might and should look like. Here’s just one example of his many mock-up ads.

To support his mission and to hear the Star Trek cocktail of the day, follow David on Twitter @SciFi_Core. You can also hit up @JimBeamOfficial to show them you support sending David to Star Trek Las Vegas to imbibe.

You may have gotten wind of my latest launch, Its been in development for a while, but I’m so pleased to be able to talk about it. Basically, it’s a campaign to get me in the JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel as none other than the incredibly intelligent, Dr. Elizabeth Dehner from “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Instead of begging for the role, I’ve developed a new strategy to recruit Star Trek luminaries and fans alike to post their video endorsements for me as Dr. Dehner.

Now, I know Dehner may not end up in the sequel script, but you can’t blame a girl for trying right? Even if I only make it as science officer #5, I’ll be content to know I’m a part of Star Trek history. In the meantime, it can’t hurt to garner a little attention towards my acting career and my love of all things Trek. To support me you can visit the main site or hit “Like” on the Facebook fan page: Make Me Dehner. If you’re really creative, I’d love to have your video endorsement. Larry Nemecek and Joseph Dickerson have already gotten into the mix. Those are two tough acts to follow, but you can follow them here at @LarryNemecek and @JosephDickerson.

In addition to being an avid Star Trek fan, Joe Dickerson is a whiz at UX design and even came up with an iPhone app called Experience Matters  for keeping ontop of “user experience” articles and reference information.

While not directly related to Vegas, but still relevant in the convention world, Larry has developed his documentary, “The Con of Wrath” about the ill-fated 1982 all-star Houston Trek convention. You can contribute to the cause or submit your pictures/video if you attended. We in Televixenland like to support what’s happening over in Larry’s Trekland, so show him some love Teletrooper style!


Vegas Khan is Almost Here… July 5, 2011

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DVD Geeks has a few events we plan on sponsoring during the Star Trek Las Vegas Con at the Rio next month. Watch this space for announcements and giveaway info. Since it’s almost that time again, I thought I would share a fun video I hosted last year for the Intergalactic Bartender Party. Looking forward to seeing you all at Khhhaaaannnn!!!!!