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Twin Peaks Fire Eat With Me February 17, 2011

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Interactive piece by Paul Chatem.

Man, oh, man! It was a good weekend to be a Twin Peaks fan and a foodie. I found out there was a Twin Peaks art installation celebrating my favorite show’s 20th anniversary. If that wasn’t cool enough on its own, it was held at Clifton’s Brookdale, a 1930s cafeteria in downtown LA that is woodsy and kitsched out to the max. It was an ideal setting for a show that takes place in a fictional town in the Pacific Northwest. I heard about Clifton’s a long time ago and had it bookmarked on Yelp as a place I knew I had to try out. This was the perfect opportunity to try it out and see some art-inspired by the twisted world of David Lynch and Mark Frost.

Turkey with dressing and cranberries along with a side salad. Mmmm...











When I got there I immeditately noticed a sign on the door announcing that CBS would be filming on the site. Here’s hoping it’s for the much-anticipated Blu-Ray box set. Despite the signs there were no cameras present while I was there. Since it was Sunday during brunch hours we hit the cafeteria line picking an array of old-school favorites like turkey and dressing and mac n’ cheese, which  I was told is “world famous” by one of Clifton’s employees. It was definitely a good sign that the place was packed by local families and not just Twin Peaks fanatics like myself. Places like this are a rare historic gem that we must continue to patronize so they can stay in business generation after generation. Looking around, I could tell not much had changed since this place opened.

Every old school establishment has to have a glorious cake case.

Sure, there were more Latin-flavored dishes added to the mix, but that’s to be expected considering the Los Angeles population changes. I’ll have to go back soon and try the breakfast items because that line was entirely too long to justify the wait. The only disappointment? No cherry pie! What kind of Twin Peaks art exhibit doesn’t have cherry pie?

The cherry pie thing, while a Twin Peaks FAIL, it’s hardly anything to gripe about. Their selection of desserts is extensive and everything is freshly made in-house. We had a blueberry and bananna cheesecake, which was divine.

The view of the first floor dining room from above.

The decor of Clifton’s is 100 percent wood lodge on the first two floors. One can imagine they are dining at the Great Northern complete with waterfalls, bears and secret little rooms. The third floor (which is not to be missed) looks more like a grand dining hall of an old ocean liner or hotel. Its red walls and high ceilings make it an ideal setting for parties. It was really cool to see all the historic memorabilia in glass cases. One could literally spend hours reading it all. I was really impressed that there was even a tiki-themed Clifton’s on Olive, but it’s now closed. There were plenty of pictures and items from this location to whisk you away to the South Seas. Ah…I digress. Let’s get to the main event, the art show itself.

Cubist vision of Laura Palmer. Asking price? $25,000

Got $25,000 to spare?

The art work was displayed in a loft area on the second floor. It was really informal and approachable. Apparently, the big blow-out event was the opening reception on Saturday night. It was attended by some of the show’s cast including Grace Zabriskie (no surprise since she had several pieces in the show) and Kimmy Robertson (Lucy). In addition, to the dozens of art work ranging from $70-$25,000, they also had David Lynch Coffee, t-shirts and reasonably priced prints for sale. I was really impressed with a couple of the pieces, but overall I didn’t see anything I felt like I had to own. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t music from the show playing or any brochures to take home. I’m a sucker for freebies. I also heard a rumor that Richard Beymer would be selling rare photo prints from the show, but this was not the case. I’ll check back on the 20th anniversary site and see if I can pick one up there at a later date.

When I was browsing the merch I asked the people running the show if CBS was shooting for the Blu-Ray and they were pretty cagey about it saying, “CBS didn’t want to miss this,” but they couldn’t confirm if there was a Blu release coming out this year. Can’t blame a girl for trying…I will get the scoop sooner than later and already have a friend asking around about it, so we can get an exclusive interview for DVD Geeks about the bonus material. Stay tuned.

Here’s the link to the art show details:

A great resource for all things TP:

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My friend @starfleetmom stopped on one of her Southern Cali adventures to take this picture for me with Hipstamatic.


New year, new hair and more blogging? February 14, 2011

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Hello folks!
It’s been ages since I even visited this site, let alone blogged here. I’m actually surprised I remembered my password. With the holidays gone and the new year properly ushered in, I once again feel inspired to reach out to you.  What’s new? Well, I’m working on a new project and I’ve got new hair. Those are the two biggies right now. Let’s get the superficial out of the way first. I am no longer blonde. Yes, sad face, I know. I never thought I would go dark again, but alas this thing I call an acting career has been quite the learning experience. The people on Team Mary (managers & agents) thought it would be a good idea for me to take it down a notch haircolor wise. This was after some really smart feedback from a successful casting director. I can’t say I blame them for asking. Afterall, it’s just hair and my career is more important. I’ll try to live in this world for a while, but you know I’ll always be flaxen-haired at heart.

I’ve hinted at my latest project, but I’ve never really come clean on exactly what it is in a public forum. A good friend of mine from the Chicago theatre world, Valerie Meachum, approached me over Thanksgiving break about getting involved in the early stages of a transmedia sci-fi thriller called “Resonance.” So, what is “Resonance?” Centering on a mysterious Object and the people whose lives it alters, the narrative will play out on a multiple media platform.

The goal is to make this a global phenomena with opportunities for fans to engage interactively with the unfolding events. I encourage you to visit the website to sign up for email updates, and watch the trailer for the television series pilot, starring Aidan Turner, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Ruta Gedmintas and Charles Dance. The people behind this project are some of the best and brightest and I’m honored that Valerie Meachum and Paula Preston in the UK have entrusted me with their baby. I’m told “Resonance” is four years in the making and shooting will resume in March with a launch sometime next year. I’m involved in the Chicago cell, but developing my own Los Angeles narrative that will tie into the Chicago actors and hopefully the main series.

It’s been really thrilling to develop back story that ties into my Chicago roots, but also explores my journey as an Angeleno. This is in the very early stages, but I should know

more after the big event at the Paramount Club this Friday. My partner in all this, Valerie is headed to London, but I’m staying in LA for pilot season. I will be represented at the event via Skype to chime in on the U.S. angle of “Resonance.” I’ve included some pictures of my character Alice Gaard, a paparazzi photographer.

Stay tuned…exciting work is unfolding.