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Back in Blonde May 1, 2011

Filed under: Life — Televixen @ 4:33 pm

Hey guys! Guess what? I’m back as a blonde. I know, I know it’s hard to keep up with my chameleon ways. I’ve been at least 3 hair colors since March, so I’m just happy to have hair. I got to play in the fiery redhead realm for a while as production dyed it for a TV project I was in. Ultimately, I love red on me, but the upkeep is too much for this low-maintenance gal. So, that faded to a strawberry blonde and then after a hair modeling mixup I am finally back to blonde (with some very fun highlights). I also got a haircut while I was back in Chicago from the family stylist I’ve known for years. She still has it!

I’ve been to a couple of casting sessions since the dye back and it hasn’t been an issue. Plus, I still have my blonde headshots I can use. I do think I’m going to get some new ones done by a friend soon though. Anyway, it feels so good to be back!!!