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Poetry book “Elements of Change” is available NOW! June 6, 2015

41+0vW71mqLIf any of you are interested in poetry or just interested in showing your support for my latest creative endeavour, my debut poetry collection, Elements of Change is available now on Amazon and other retail sites. This collection is deeply personal and I am both nervous and excited to share it with you all. I hope that it will resonate with you. I’ve already gotten a really warm reception from Twitter followers and friends. I’m humbled and happy that it’s finding a home on some of your bookshelves.

Here’s what a few people have said about the book so far:

The Artistic Muse: “Profound, ethereal, deep. These are just some of the many words to describe this brilliant assortment of poetry.”

@StarfleetMom on Twitter, “Mary paints pictures in my head with words. Beautifully done.”

Eva Xanthopoulos said, “Mary’s words will surely enchant you! Don’t believe me? Just read this book. I promise that one of her poems alone will have the power to awaken you, so imagine what an entire collection of them can do! Elements of Change is a must-have for any poetry lover!”

@Gettysburg7 on Twitter, “…already been moved by her words.”

@MrrWilly on Twitter, “You’re painting some many varied pictures in my mind. Well done, Mary.”

If you’ve already purchased a copy, please chime in on Amazon with your reviews or Tweet me your thoughts. As always, thanks for your support!