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Poetry Nook 12th Weekly Contest January 29, 2015

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Hi guys!

I’m at it again. My poem “Phototaxis” is competing in the Poetry Nook 12th Weekly Poetry Contest. There are only a few days left. Last time, I lost by a very thin margin because people were viewing it, but not taking the time to register on their site. I really appreciate your support. I’m currently putting together my first poetry book and I’m really excited to share this piece with all of you before that comes out. Consider it an exclusive sneak peek.

It would mean the world to me if you went to this link, registered and voted for my piece. The contest ends on Sunday, Feb. 1, so please don’t wait too long. I don’t flood you guys with Kickstarter campaigns or any other crowdsource funding, so I hope you’ll forgive this request. I’m not asking for money, just your time. Please support my poetry. I am really proud of this particular piece.

Thank you so very much.


Pretty please with sugar on top…? December 14, 2014

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Hey guys!
I hate to ask you to do anything when it comes to giving money, signing petitions or voting. You can relax, I am not asking for the first two. However, I would LOVE IT if you could be a friend and take a minute to vote for a poem of mine called “The Fist.” It’s entered in the Poetry Nook Weekly contest and I have a shot at winning it. You do have to register, but it’s a very quick process. If any of you are writers, you know how hard it is to put yourself out there in a public forum, let alone have people comparing you to others. I feel very exposed, but also excited to share some personal writing with you all. Anyway, I will stop rambling now. The link is right here. The contest ends on 12/15/14 (Monday), so don’t wait too long!

Thanks. I love you all.



Take every chance, drop every fear August 28, 2014

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love,inspirational,lifestyle,quote,risk,truth-8a4811672a971aa161316107a1fe3f21_hI take chances. But at the same time, I’m scared of change. What separates me from others is that I take drastic steps for fear of standing in one place. When I was younger some of these things were a bit reckless. Older and wiser, I still find myself trying new things because they scare me. Everything I’ve ever been afraid of has usually been worth the fear ten fold. At the very least, it’s been a good learning experience. I fall on my face constantly (and often publicly), but at least I can say I put myself out there. There are so many people I know who would let fear render them immobile. Some decisions are probably crazy when it comes to money, but ultimately happiness and new experiences are more important. What’s the point of living through drama when you can be on a new adventure? I know it’s easier said than done. Sometimes I wish I could follow my own advice better. For the most part, I have embraced trying new things or sometimes revisiting something I once loved. Not everyone can change careers at the blink of an eye or uproot themselves and go to Europe on a whim. I’m not advising that (unless that’s what you want), what I am saying is taking baby steps in the right direction is better than standing still.

I constantly second-guess myself. I’m human. But, I don’t let those voices in my head take over. I trust my gut on things. We have one life to live and that’s it. We might as well make the best of it while we’re healthy enough to enjoy it right? You never know when your time is up. 

I am constantly testing what it is I truly want to do with my life. Surprise, I didn’t have life figured out by 23 like I thought 7c5f40498d722711c41447131d6cc603I would when I was a kid! There’s no shame in admitting you’re making it up as you go along. The plan often changes. Sometimes it feels like it’s 10 steps back, but I am tired of being cranky after a long day. I’m exhausted by drama and just want to try something new that won’t eat up my entire existence. Sometimes you just need a job that will put a roof over your head and clothes on your back. You don’t need to define yourself by your work situation. Fight Club tells us that is not you. That is what allows you to survive so you can be yourself the rest of the time. I’ve always said “do the things you have to do, so you can do the things you want to do” (and that’s a personal quote of mine). The “day job” is Hollywood’s dirty little secret. But, beyond work, I feel like every person should go through a period of self discovery. I have friends who don’t know who they are outside of their relationships. They define themselves (consciously or not) by their boyfriends and their boyfriends’ interests. I never really had this problem, but I still want to know myself better. I grew up fast and missed out on a lot of what it meant to be a kid. I find myself at this age trying to discover what brings me joy. Who am I? What are my triggers? What are my goals? Isn’t happiness enough? With every idea comes a new question and I think that’s OK. It’s all a part of the road of self-discovery. Again, I would rather live having no regret than wonder “what if?”

imagesThrough my journey in LA, I’ve taken many detours. I have strayed from what’s important, but I’ve never lost sight of myself. I’ve never believed my own hype or felt like I didn’t need to “earn it.” Ultimately, I like a challenge. I accept the unknown. I want to meet interesting people and have new experiences. You can learn so much from others, but sometimes my shyness (yes, I can be shy) completely freezes me. The last two years have taught me what it means to be a mature adult, to make decisions about things you cannot control. I’ve had to take on daunting tasks I never thought I could handle. Someone once said (and I’m probably paraphrasing), “you never know how strong you are until you are forced to be.” I’ve learned to accept what I can’t change and know that it likely has little to do with me. (Sorry for the AA-type language, but some of it applies here.)4cf22808d2afffe40e806eb96326b7f9

So, I am on a new adventure of self-discovery. I am terrified that I will hate it or people will question the logic, but I don’t care. It all leads somewhere. Regret is something I will never feel. This business is a crazy one, as is life in general. Real life is messy. I prefer to stick to the wisdom of the Psychedelic Furs, in that “you can never win or lose if you don’t run the race.” 

In Mary words, you can never know what “could have been,” if you’re stuck in “what is.” If life is messy, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. Sorry for all the cliches, but sometimes cliches ring true. 



Those little moments July 26, 2014

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Sometimes there are moments throughout the day that stop us in our tracks, that make us smile and help us realize things always fall into place. Connor Bright, my young co-host of Glue Guns and Phasers, was obviously meant to become a Star Trek fan. Although, a generation apart and half the country away, two girls were destined to become the dynamic duo of cosmic crafting. Yesterday, while at work she sent me this photo. Normally, I ignore my phone while on the job, but this made me smile ear to ear. To the “next generation” of fans, welcome aboard. There’s always room on the USS Enterprise for young bright minds.


Connor in the arms of her father on the transporter pad next to her mom.


Twilight Zone Marathons on SyFy: A Holiday Tradition July 4, 2014

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“I don’t know why it is, but I’m frightened. A fear just about as vague as its object. Maybe it isn’t really a fear. It’s more just a sense of disquiet, a feeling that things are a little wrong.”

That’s a quote from one of my favorite episodes of “The Twilight Zone.” The Hitchhiker is just one of the many episodes airing on SyFy today. I’m not doing anything for the Fourth of July because I have a lot of work. But, in these moments between, I’m finding my place… in the Twilight Zone.



Dammit Jim, I’m a crafter not a critic! Today, I am. June 30, 2014

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Today, the Supreme Court ruled that some companies have the right to opt out of the new health law that requires coverage of contraceptives for women. This ruling is a very controversial decision as it is allowing for-profit businesses to exercise their religious views over their employees’ rights. Those rights equal the state. Those views equal religion. So much for separation of church and state! The biggest offender? Hobby Lobby, which carries products geared towards women and employs a large number of ladies. So, if you work for a company that’s owned by religious people, say goodbye to free contraceptives. Your rights are apparently not your own. Your views are irrelevant. Your body belongs to the almighty Jesus even if you don’t believe he exists.

Hobby Lobby, the craft store and its corporate company, should be ashamed of itself. Their workforce and shoppers are largely women and yet, their efforts to take away birth control rights are one giant slap in the face to those who work hard for them and put money into their registers. The Oklahoma-based company has over 15,000 full-time employees and more than 600 stores in 41 states. It’s owned by evangelical Christians (shocker!), which explains why they are the biggest company fighting Obama’s birth control provision. Now, I am not very good at math, but even I know that effects boatloads of women who may or may not hold their religious views. The contraceptives at issue before the court were the emergency contraceptives Plan B and ella, and two IUDs. Why is this such a problem you ask? Because religious nuts would rather hurt women than kill something they equate to a baby, even though it’s not even conceived or developed into anything yet. I can understand religious organizations that don’t pay taxes being exempt from such a requirement. You pretty much know what you’re getting into when you work for them, but a craft store? How dare they hold such immense power over hourly employees who just need to work to get by?

You might say, I have no stake in this argument. Except that I am a woman (duh). AND that I am a crafter and might have to buy something from Hobby Lobby in a pinch if there’s no Michaels in the area. I would never work for such a company, but I sympathize with women who have to because they have no other options. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything from them and I definitely won’t now. Moves like this make my blood boil. I usually avoid talking politics and religion in public forums, but this time, the gloves are off. One day, we’ll look back at these moments and wonder how humans could be so primitive in 2014?!

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called the decision “potentially sweeping” because it shows the government isn’t interesting in making laws universal for all companies. Ginsburg said, ” it discounts the disadvantages religion-based opt outs impose on others, in particular, employees who do not share their employer’s religious beliefs.” From Wikipedia: In September 2012, Hobby Lobby filed a lawsuit against the United States over new regulations requiring health insurance provided by employers to cover emergency contraceptives, stating that, “(t)he Green family’s religious beliefs forbid them from participating in, providing access to, paying for, training others to engage in, or otherwise supporting abortion-causing drugs and devices.”

So, let’s get this straight. Hobby Lobby is arguing that the Affordable Care Act violates their religious views and therefore they do not have to offer birth control to their employees as part of their coverage. This translates to Hobby Lobby assuming their employees feel the same as they do. This assumes women who work for them must all be Christian and therefore hold the same beliefs even if having a child would ruin their life. This kind of mis-use of the Constitution and “The Religious Freedom Restoration Act” is so fucked! It’s fucked up because it’s using the very same logic of freedom to prevent female employees from having freedom. In a nutshell, the federal government cannot “substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion,” even if the burden results from a general law intended to apply to everyone. Again, fucked!

It is one thing for the Green family, who owns Hobby Lobby, to be closed on Sunday and religious holidays. It’s bad enough that they force their shoppers and staff to listen to Christian tunes over the loud speaker. It’s bad enough they don’t offer holiday decor for the Jewish and other religions. But, it’s quite something else for them to tell their staff they cannot have the same basic human rights the rest of the country is entitled to. Yes, you might say, you don’t have to work for them if you don’t agree, but that’s looking at it from our upper middle class bubble. It might be Hobby Lobby or unemployment with a household full of kids to feed. In fact, if you work for them, you probably do have a household full of kids to feed because well, you can’t get birth control. Sorry ladies, you’re just going to have to carry something for 9 months and provide for it for 18 years because your boss and the federal government made you do it. Again, fucked! I am so ashamed of this ruling. I am ashamed of our country and their disregard for women. One day, we will look at this as insane. Until then, this is reality. This is reality for a lot of women who just need a job. This has to get overturned. This can’t be the way we treat people in 2014 or is it?


Frighteningly accurate in some ways… March 8, 2014

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Frighteningly Accurate in some ways...

Not saying what part of the LA area I live in.
; )