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Poetry Nook 12th Weekly Contest January 29, 2015

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Hi guys!

I’m at it again. My poem “Phototaxis” is competing in the Poetry Nook 12th Weekly Poetry Contest. There are only a few days left. Last time, I lost by a very thin margin because people were viewing it, but not taking the time to register on their site. I really appreciate your support. I’m currently putting together my first poetry book and I’m really excited to share this piece with all of you before that comes out. Consider it an exclusive sneak peek.

It would mean the world to me if you went to this link, registered and voted for my piece. The contest ends on Sunday, Feb. 1, so please don’t wait too long. I don’t flood you guys with Kickstarter campaigns or any other crowdsource funding, so I hope you’ll forgive this request. I’m not asking for money, just your time. Please support my poetry. I am really proud of this particular piece.

Thank you so very much.


4 Responses to “Poetry Nook 12th Weekly Contest”

  1. Paul Says:

    I can see why you’re proud of it, Mary. I just registered at the site, and I’d be glad to vote for you. 🙂

    • Televixen Says:

      Thank you, Paul! I didn’t end up winning the contest, but I’m pretty proud to include that poem in my book, “Elements of Change,” which is available on Amazon now. Thanks for your support!! I really appreciate it.

      • Paul Says:

        Sorry to hear that, Mary — I can’t imagine that the winner was better than your entry! But I’m glad to hear about your book. Adding to cart, as they say on Amazon … 🙂

      • Televixen Says:

        Paul, that’s very kind of you! If you would be even more kind and leave an Amazon review if you like it that would be amazing. You rock! #grateful

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