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My hosting reel is finally here! October 18, 2011


3 Responses to “My hosting reel is finally here!”

  1. Exverlobter Says:

    Where can i find the particular interviews that are shown here? I searched for the Blalock and Wheaton Interview on the CreationTV Youtube account, but could not find them there.

    • Televixen Says:

      Those were not done for CreationTV. I have done a number of Star Trek interviews for them, but those were for cable and online shows. One was called Bif Bam Pow Wow when they did a segment on Star Trek comics and such. I believe a small section of Wil’s interview is in the show, but the full length isn’t available online. The other was for DVD Geeks, which aired on cable and isn’t available online.

      • Exverlobter Says:

        What a pitty. I would have loved to see Jolenes reaction after being asked how it must be to be trapped in that catsuit, lol. I guess she did not like it.

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